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Record Breaker! 8th Alien Planet Found Around Distant Star
The discovery of an eighth planet around the star Kepler-90 marks the first time a star system has been found to have the same number of planets as our own solar system. NASA unveiled the discovery Dec. 14, 2017. Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center/Wendy ...

Kiss net neutrality goodbye: The FCC just sided with telecom companies
If you're reading this on the Internet (so...all of you), then you're about to see some changes: The Federal Communications Commission voted to scrap rules meant to bind giant Internet providers from slowing or blocking users' access to sites. The move ...

The Verge
Amazon is selling the Apple TV and Google Chromecast again
The Verge will soon begin selling the Apple TV set-top box and Google Chromecast, two streaming devices that have been unavailable from the leading online retailer for over two years. Listings for both products have returned to the site, but Amazon ...

iMac Pro: Save some cash & buy from B&H/Expercom, RAM upgradeable only by Apple
Apple officially released its 'most powerful Mac ever' earlier this morning in the form of the iMac Pro. After initial availability through Apple's Online Store, the machine has now become available through authorized resellers like B&H. Furthermore ...
DrDisRespect Live Streams Emotional Apology to His Wife and the Slick Daddy Club
“I want to be transparent that I've been unfaithful.” — Those were the tearful words of DrDisRespect. In an extremely short video on his Twitch channel, DrDisRespect apologized to his wife and his audience about what he claims to be an infidelity. The ...

Google will use light beams to bring the internet to millions of rural Indian households
Google is bringing a wireless internet technology it tested in the stratosphere to connect rural areas in India's Andhra Pradesh state. X, the “moonshot factory” of the tech giant, is using Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) to connect far-flung ...

Facebook pushes pre-roll ads on Watch as it stops subsidizing Live
Everyone's least favorite ads are coming to Facebook, but six-second pre-rolls will only appear on original Watch tab videos you purposefully view and not in the News Feed. Facebook is embracing pre-rolls after years of shunning them as it tries to ...
Interstellar Visitor Stays Silent: No Signs of Life Yet on 'Oumuamua
The first interstellar asteroid ever discovered in our solar system remains silent, at least for now. An initial search for artificial signals coming from 'Oumuamua, the needle-shaped interloper that zoomed past Earth two months ago, have come up empty ...

Economic Times
Mannequins in space! Watch Jeff Bezos' rocket company test a new crew capsule
Digital Trends
Although SpaceX gets plenty of attention with its rocket launches and indisputably impressive landings, there are other companies out there tinkering with their own designs for reusable space vehicles. Take Blue Origin, set up by Amazon founder Jeff ...

The Nintendo Switch Gave Me Back My Video Games
For the longest time it felt as though video games were growing up with me. When I was a kid, video games felt like they were for kids. They were platform games with furry animal mascots. They were as vibrant and sugary as the cordial I guzzled whilst ...

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