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The Verge
iOS 11 makes the iPad feel more like a Mac
The Verge
iOS 11 isn't coming out until this fall, but Apple had the preview loaded up on its new 10.5-inch iPad Pro today for members of the press to check out. I got to the play with the operating system for a few minutes while handling the tablet, and what ...

Apple iOS 11 Announcement: What Are The New Features?
At the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Apple announced updates to tvOS, macOS, watchOS and iOS. Last year, Apple's release of iOS 10 included improvements to the Lock Screen and its stock apps such as third party ...

Washington Post
Apple's HomePod Speaker Goes After Sonos More Than Amazon and Google
As rumors swelled about the pending launch of an Apple (AAPL) home speaker/assistant device, many of those commenting about the reports couldn't help but point out a big challenge faced by Apple's effort: The company's Siri assistant generally isn't ...

The Verge
Everything Sony Told Us About the Future of PlayStation
Pull your gaze from Nintendo's bedazzling Switch for a moment and consider Sony's now widespread PlayStation 4. Console sales have in general outperformed the most buoyant analyst and pundit prognostications. Not merely because of Nintendo's ...
Hottest Alien Planet Ever Discovered Is a Real Scorcher
Astronomers have found the hottest known exoplanet, a world where temperatures exceed those on the surface of most stars. The Jupiter-like planet, known as KELT-9b, zips around its hot host star once every 1.5 Earth days. Its orbit is so tight that the ...

MacOS High Sierra: Top 6 new features announced at WWDC
From a new file system to powerful graphics improvements, here are the top new features in Apple new desktop OS. Email a friend. To. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. From. Privacy Policy. Thank you. Your message has been sent. Sorry.

Mac Rumors
Tim Cook Says HomePod Experience Will Blow People Away
Mac Rumors
In an interview today with Bloomberg TV, Apple CEO Tim Cook said customers will be "blown away" by the experience of the HomePod. "I think people are going to love it. I know they are," said Cook. "I think they're going to be blown away by the experience."

Economic Times
If there was ever life on Mars, Gale Crater could have hosted a variety of microbes, study says
Los Angeles Times
This evenly layered Martian rock, photographed by the Curiosity rover's mast camera, shows a pattern typical of a lake-floor sedimentary deposit not far from where flowing water entered a lake. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS). By Amina Khan Contact Reporter.

Apple just announced its own Venmo competitor built into iMessage
Apple announced on Monday that it is launching a money-transfer service that could challenge Venmo and other competitors, letting iPhone and iPad users send money digitally to each other via a text. The new feature will appear automatically inside ...

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