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Report that US suppressed breastfeeding resolution shocks advocates
The benefits of breastfeeding over formula are clear and are not controversial, so advocates expressed surprise and dismay Monday over a report that the U.S. sought to suppress a World Health Assembly resolution supporting it. The New York Times ...

New York Times
Del Monte Vegetables Linked to Outbreak That Has Sickened More Than 200, Officials Say
New York Times
More than 200 people have been infected by an intestinal parasite after reportedly eating vegetables from Fresh Del Monte Produce vegetable trays, the federal authorities said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported there were 212 ...
Doctor burnout widespread, helps drive many medical errors
MONDAY, July 9, 2018 -- More than half of American doctors are burned out, a new national survey suggests, and those doctors are more likely to make medical mistakes. The poll asked nearly 6,700 clinic and hospital physicians about medical errors, ...

Live Science
Amazon Wasp with Enormous Stinger May Just Haunt Your Nightmares
Live Science
There's a new species on the list of terrifying creatures of the Amazon: Calistoga crassicaudata. It's a tiny parasitoid wasp with a giant stinger that the female uses not only to paralyze her host but also to deposit eggs inside the unsuspecting ...
Study finds health risks for transgender women on hormone therapy
Transgender women on hormone therapy may be at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems, such as stroke, blood clots and heart attack, researchers reported Monday. The study was done by reviewing eight years of medical records of nearly 5,000 ...

Israeli firm gets US nod for advanced trials for non-opiate painkiller
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli pharmaceuticals company PainReform has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin late-stage clinical studies for a pain relief drug that is a departure from opiate-based narcotics, it said ...

Detroit Free Press
Autism, 10 other conditions now qualify patients for medical marijuana
Detroit Free Press
The state on Monday added 11 medical conditions, including autism, chronic pain, Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome, to the list of ailments that could qualify a person for a medical marijuana card. The list, approved by Shelly Edgerton ...

ABC News
Trauma suffered in childhood echoes across generations, study finds
ABC News
Trauma in childhood echoes through generations, according to new research that could have implications for thousands of migrant children recently separated from parents at the U.S. border. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of ...
Babies sleep better when they begin solid food early, study says
LONDON (CNN) — Both the U.K. National Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that mothers exclusively breastfeed until about 6 months of age and then begin to introduce solid foods. Yet, an alternative feeding plan is also ...
Girl, 7, meets National Guard veteran who donated bone marrow that saved her life
Fox News
The video of a 7-year-old Utah girl meeting the National Guard veteran who donated bone marrow years ago that saved her life went viral. The Deseret News reported that Adriana Aviles was diagnosed with leukemia about three years ago and did not ...

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