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CBS News
The best (and worst) diet plans for 2018
CBS News
Your New Year's resolution diet should be based on a well-balanced eating plan that fits your lifestyle, rather than a weird fad replete with food restrictions. That's according to U.S. News & World Report's best diet rankings for 2018. The two diets ...

'Raw Water' Is a New Health Trend. But Is It Safe?
A New York Times story in December introduced a new health buzzword to the masses: raw water, or water that hasn't been treated, filtered or processed in any way. While the beverage isn't widespread yet, a number of untreated water startups have ...

Yahoo News
The 'irrational desire' driving millennials and Gen Z into depression
Yahoo News
The overwhelming pursuit of perfection is driving young people into increased levels of depression and anxiety, according to a recent psychological study. (Photo: Getty Images). More. Perfection has officially become unappealing. Kids these days are ...

Washington Post
Gene therapy for inherited blindness sets precedent: $850000 price tag
Washington Post
A landmark gene therapy to treat a rare, inherited form of blindness will cost $850,000 — a price tag so daunting that its maker will offer health insurers partial rebates if the drug doesn't work and is seeking to pilot an installment payment option ...

Toronto Star
Avoid Romaine Lettuce for Now, Consumer Reports Says
This salad green is likely the cause of recent cases of E. coli food poisoning. By Trisha Calvo. January 03, 2018. 0 SHARES. Over the past seven weeks, 58 people in the U.S. and Canada have become ill from a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria, likely ...
New startups hope to cash in on California pot
With cannabis now legalized in California, NBC News' Jacob Soboroff reports on the businesses springing up that do a lot more than just selling people weed to smoke. Share Video; Facebook · Twitter · E-mail; Embed. Copy this code to your website or ...

Pregnant women who take folic acid and multivitamins have babies with lower autism risk, study says
ABC News
If you're pregnant, a new study released today may give you one more reason to listen to your doctor if he or she prescribes a folic acid or multivitamin supplement. Researchers in Israel studied 45,300 children born between Jan. 1, 2003 and Dec. 31 ...
Could chocolate disappear in the next 40 years?
The new year is kicking off with some scary news for chocolate lovers: By 2050, climate change could severely hamper the growth of the cacao plant or even cause its extinction, according to an article in Business Insider. The seed of the cacao plant is ...

International Business Times UK
Revolutionary bionic hand brings back woman's ability to touch and 'feel'
International Business Times UK
Unlike previous versions, the novel robotic hand is compact enough to be carried and used outside a laboratory. By Shubham Sharma. January 4, 2018 05:03 GMT. Bionic hand Woman 'feels' again after receiving revolutionary bionic hand - Representational ...

Futurity: Research News
Device quiets 'phantom sounds' of tinnitus
Futurity: Research News
In a recent small study, people suffering from tinnitus reported that the loudness of their symptoms decreased and their tinnitus-related quality of life improved after using a new device daily for four weeks. A sham “treatment” using just sounds did ...

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