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Chicago Tribune
Northern Indiana doctor was killed for refusing to prescribe opioids, authorities say
Chicago Tribune
An Indiana man shot and killed himself shortly after gunning down a doctor who refused to prescribe opioid medication to his wife, authorities said this week. The alleged murder and the suicide unfolded within just hours of each other Wednesday in ...
Doctor in Hospital to Give Birth Herself Jumps in to Deliver Fellow Patient's Baby: 'She's a Really Special Person'
A Kentucky doctor who was in her own hospital room preparing to give birth to her second baby heard screaming from the room next door and jumped in to help, delivering that patient's baby because the on-call doctor was out of the building. “I just put ...

FDA aims to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes to combat addiction
For the first time, the federal government is proposing cutting the nicotine level in cigarettes so they aren't so addictive. ( file photo). AP. Sunday, July 30, 2017 11:42AM. For the first time, the federal government is proposing ...

Why Getting Too Little Sleep Could Be Adding Inches To Your Waistline
The scientific consensus is clear: we need more sleep. Our bodies and brains rely on getting sufficient shuteye, and cutting ourselves short deals a compounding blow to our health. A new study adds to the argument by showing that sleeping too little ...
Report: Scientists edit human embryos for first time in US
America reportedly has moved ahead in a controversial race to tinker with human DNA – but the scientific feat is shrouded in unanswered questions. The MIT Technology Review published on Wednesday a news report about the first-known experiment to ...

Peoria Journal Star
Chicago giving departing inmates overdose-reversing drug
Peoria Journal Star
In this June 14, 2017, photo, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart shows Naloxone, an overdose-reveal nasal spray drug at the sheriff's office in Cook County Jail, the largest single site jail in the United States, has joined the growing number of jails to ...

Falling sperm counts are linked to endocrine-disrupting chemicals
A report lists environmental pollution — particularly so-called endocrine disruptors, which can act like estrogen in males — as the most prominent explanation for this widespread, 38-year-long decline, which one expert is calling “a death spiral of ...
Insider Q&A: Hormel aims new line at serving cancer patients
Fort Bend Herald
NEW YORK (AP) — Hormel sees potential new customers for its shelf-stable foods: cancer patients. The company known for Dinty Moore stews and Spam canned meats is promoting microwavable meals it says cater to people who are going through ...

CBS Boston / WBZ
Bill honors Massachusetts man behind ice bucket challenge
BOSTON (AP) — Get ready for Ice Bucket Challenge Week. The Massachusetts Legislature has approved a bill designating the first week of August as a time to honor Pete Frates. The former Boston College baseball star was diagnosed in 2012 with ...
Bennington hospital now permanent drug take-back location
Washington Times
BENNINGTON, Vt. (AP) - The Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington is now a 24-hour drug take-back location and becomes the first non-police department location in the state to fulfill the role. The Medical Center's Thomas Dee says leftover ...

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