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Washington Post
A doctor prescribed so many painkillers, she's been charged with murdering her patients, authorities say
Washington Post
On Nov. 21, 2012, Sheila Bartels walked out of the Sunshine Medical Center in Oklahoma with a prescription for a "horrifyingly excessive" cocktail of drugs capable of killing her several times over. A short time later, she was at a pharmacy, receiving ...

BBC News
The horrors of Yemen's spiralling cholera crisis
BBC News
Children dying in hospital hallways. Four sick people crammed into one bed. Patients connected to intravenous drips while sitting in their cars because the hospital is over capacity. Welcome to the Yemeni healthcare system in 2017. The bizarre and ...

3 strategies could help keep dementia at bay
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
There are no proven ways to stave off mental decline or dementia, but a new report says there are hints that exercise, controlling blood pressure and some forms of brain training might offer help. Without proof, the government should not begin a public ...

Washington Post
Pharmacy head to be sentenced in deadly meningitis outbreak
ABC News
FILE- In this March 16, 2017, file photo, Barry Cadden, center, arrives at the federal courthouse in Boston, before scheduled closing arguments in his trial. Cadden is set to be sentenced on Monday, June 26, in a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak ...
Arkansas to Accept Medical Marijuana Card Applications
U.S. News & World Report
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Arkansas' medical marijuana industry will ramp up in the next week, with the state poised to accept applications from potential patients, growers and distributors. Beginning Friday, the state Medical Marijuana Commission will ...

Fox News
Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims
Fox News
The Highway Loss Data Institute, a leading insurance research group, said in study results released Thursday that collision claims in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon went up 2.7 percent in the years since legal recreational marijuana sales began when ...

U.S. News & World Report
Protecting against West Nile virus after mosquitoes trapped in Beaufort Co. test positive
Mosquitoes in Beaufort County have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The county says they strategically applied public health insecticides. That should have a quick knockdown. Mosquitoes. Usually just pesky, but now potentially deadly. "The West ...

Leicester Post
Aspen Dental in Eugene offers free treatment to veterans
Veterans in Eugene and around the country received free detal care at Aspen Dental clinics Saturday, June 24, 2017. (SBG photo). Veteran dental 3.JPG · Veteran dental 2.JPG · Veteran dental 5.JPG · Veteran dental 4.JPG ...
Researchers Find Mould Toxins Can Easily Become Airborne Indoors
As if a sensitivity to their spores wasn't enough of a problem for some people, new research has found the toxins produced by mould sprouting in the damp corners of your house can also become airborne. The discovery could help explain what is referred ...

Yes, Coconut Oil Is Still Healthy. It's Always Been Healthy.
Does coconut oil deserve a place in your pantry? This has been hotly debated since the American Heart Association recently released a report advising against the use of coconut oil, blaming the high level of saturated fat and “no known offsetting ...

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