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CBS News
Birth defects strike 1 in 10 US pregnancies affected by Zika
CBS News
One in 10 pregnant U.S. women with confirmed Zika infection in 2016 had a baby with virus-related birth defects, federal health officials reported Tuesday. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year received reports from 44 states of ...

CBS Local
April The Giraffe Is Keeping Everyone 'Inches From Our Screens'
CBS Local
She “continues to ignore grain, and back end swell is noticeably larger than day prior,” the park posted to their Facebook page. “We, like many of you.” Birth is definitely close…so don't blink! FAQs from Animal Adventure Park's YouTube Channel ...
Kindergartner loses leg after strep throat leads to dangerous infection
ABC News
An Ohio girl is recovering after a rare complication from strep throat led to a dangerous infection, which required amputation of one leg. Tessa Puma, 6, was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, an infection by what is commonly called flesh-eating ...
2 Portland cafe workers contract hepatitis A; health officials investigating
Multnomah County health officials are investigating two hepatitis A cases among workers at a pair of Portland Cup & Saucer Cafes. The first of the cases was reported to the county health department on March 20, and the other was reported Monday, said ...

Live Science
About-Face on 'Obesity Paradox': Extra Fat Does Raise Risk of Death
Live Science
Being overweight or obese at some point in adulthood may increase the risk of early death, a new study finds. The findings contradict the so-called "obesity paradox," a phenomenon seen in previous studies in which overweight people seemed to have a ...

Washington Post
20 percent of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed, study says
More than 20 percent of patients who sought a second opinion at one of the nation's premier medical institutions had been misdiagnosed by their primary care providers, according to new research published Tuesday. Twelve percent of the people who asked ...

Broth-Loving Hipsters Are Pushing Up The Price Of Bones
Bone broth has become so popular these days that the bones used to make it are getting harder — and more expensive — for broth retailers to source. Dear dogs of America — sorry about bone broth. Since this well-marketed take on an ancient beverage ...

What is autism?
NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) - Throughout April, which is Autism Awareness Month, Fox 5 News seeks to educate others on the challenges facing so many families today. A typical Saturday morning for many kids: music class, swimming lessons, yoga, or just ...

Senators Slam FDA Nominee Gottlieb As Being Too 'Cozy' With Big Pharma To Combat Opioid Epidemic
Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Food and Drug Administration, is not the person to help stem the country's opioid overdose epidemic, Democratic senators from two states hit hard by the epidemic said Tuesday ...
Recreational marijuana industry set for takeoff
Lowell Sun
A marijuana plant is seen before harvesting at a rural area near Corvallis, Ore., in September. AP FILE PHOTO. Second of three parts examining issues related to the implementation of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. By Shannon Golden. BOSTON ...

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